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Access Control

Door entry systems have masses of potential applications and are very useful to secure commercial premises whilst you are open. Residential applications also apply providing identification for people in flats, etc.


Systems allow the users to quickly identify and admit welcome visitors and reject unwanted callers without a confrontation.

Larger systems are available that use tokens etc to gain access, possibly to multiple doors. These systems have many advantages:

  • A single token can give you access to multiple doors – no need for huge bunches of keys!

  • You can restrict access to areas for selected users (e.g. general staff not allowed in stores only warehouse personnel).

  • You can prevent access between selected times for selected users. So if you do not want staff visiting your business premises after hours use this feature. You can’t do this with a normal key! You can even have the system alert you to such attempts so the individual can be questioned.

  • Tokens are far more secure than keys. Keys can be lost or copied! If a token is lost you can immediately delete it from the system without it affecting any other user. And if you are using Biometrics (fingerprints), when was the last time you lost your finger?

  • You can also use such systems for “Time and Attendance” that can link to payroll programs making the system even more cost effective.

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